Most monsters are simply misunderstood …

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in separating fact from fiction when it comes to the “monsters” of metal.



Back in the 13th century, a blacksmith discovered something that made the hair on his arm stand-up straight. The iron he had put into his coal furnace was quickly changing form! It was becoming harder, stronger, and more durable before his very eyes. This was due to the addition of carbon.

From the ashes of furnace rose Franken-Steel's Monster.

He decided to bring his “monster” further to life through the addition of such parts as:


  • Manganese (Contributes to strength, increases hardenability, improves surface quality)
  • Phosphorus (Improves machinability & resistance to atmospheric corrosion, decreases ductile strength & toughness)
  • Sulfur (Improves machinability, decreases ductility & impact strength, impairs weldability, adverse effect on surface quality)

While initially frightful, Franken-Steel is now embraced by nearly every industry in the world.

And like all “monsters” of movie legend, Franken-Steel simply will not die--*steel is one of the most recyclable materials on the planet.

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Count Stainless


All steel is made up of iron and carbon. But have you heard the tales of the metal that emerges from the shadows? One that is shinier than most?

Count Stainless has endured the bite of a special alloying element: chromium (at least 10.5%).


  • This has made it impervious to corrosion to go along with its pure toughness (nickel)
  • Strength (manganese)
  • Resistance to pitting (molybdenum)

You simply cannot resist the ascetically pleasing look of Count Stainless. Knowing the effects of its “bite” on your application comes down to understanding that there are five families of stainless.

The most common family is Austenitic, which makes up more than 70% of stainless in the world today.

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For years, it was believed that the Alumi-Wolf was simply folklore. Aluminum, while a highly abundant metal, was difficult to refine, which meant spotting the Alumi-Wolf in the wild was extremely rare.

But all they say about the aluminum “monster” is indeed true:


  • It is extremely light weight
  • It is very strong in proportion to its weight
  • Can effectively conduct heat
  • Contains a tough film which protects it against corrosive substances

Due to these characteristics, the Alumi-wolf has stepped out of the darkness and into more applications than you may realize. In cars, planes, appliances, and even electronics, if you listen close enough you can hear the bellowing cry of the infamous Alumi-wolf.

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