Cup O' Joe: A Metal Podcast

Welcome to Cup o’ Joe, your go-to podcast for a fun and informative look at the dynamic world of metals! In each episode, we bring the latest factors influencing the price and availability of metals, led by the Director of Risk Management and Commodities Hedging at Ryerson, Nick Webb, and hosted by Mike Carrozzo.

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Tariffs, Bans, and Spot Price Showdowns!

In this episode, Nick Webb delves into the intricate landscape of global trade tariffs and their impact on the steel and aluminum industries. Beginning with the White House's consideration of raising tariffs, reminiscent of past policies, Webb explores the bipartisan stance on protecting American workers in these sectors.
Shifting gears, Webb examines recent developments from steel giants Nucor and Cleveland Cliffs, that have introduced spot indexes to challenge existing pricing mechanisms. He discusses the significance of these moves and their implications for industry pricing structures.

In Our Recycled Metal Era

We welcome Jennifer Betts, CEO of Recycled Media and host of the Betts on the Future podcast for an engaging conversation on the world of recycled metal. Jennifer gives us an overview of scrap trading and how it impacts metal prices, and we touch on sustainable metal and electric arc furnaces. But it's not all business talk! We also take a fun detour to review the latest Taylor Swift album because, well, why not?

What's Up with Renewables

Guest Chelsea Hunt, Vertical Market Manager for Climate Accounts at Ryerson, joins us to discuss the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, climate management, and market incentives.

Metals Market Optimism, But at What Cost?

On this episode, we get some interesting developments on the aluminum front. How is the EV market influencing stainless steel these days. We also dig into the roller coaster ride for steel prices while value-added steels like galvanized are commanding a premium.

Steel Prices Ride the Roller Coaster

In this episode, our team breaks down some price movements in steel, including a divergence between sheet and plate. In addition, are nickel prices stabilizing, and what is happening with aluminum? Stick around near the end as Nick and Mike discuss an initiative from the US government to use AI to create a model for commodities!